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Baby Michael

Michael Forrest was born in London and then grew up as the eldest in a family of seven children in Luton and Radcliffe-On-Trent, a small village near Nottingham in England.

He was fixated with grand pianos and computers from a young age and fell in love with his first sampling keyboard at age seven. He started playing the trumpet from ten years old and was sequencing with tracker programs by thirteen. He joined his first band at sixteen, and his second band won the University of Warwick band competition with their indie electronica stylings when he was still in his first year of further education studying for a degree in Physics.

Forrest has always been fascinated by complicated things and has always been prepared to go through as much pain as it takes to master his craft.

"I wanted to learn the trumpet because it was not clear to me how you could get all the notes with only three buttons. I did my degree in Physics because there was no way I'd learn about that dry subject on my own, but I wanted a reasonable understanding of it. Learning about music and code has always been its own reward."

This was all over 15 years ago. Today, Forrest lives and breathes music and technology. He now works two days a week making apps so that he can spend the rest of his time making music. On his own terms. Without artistic compromise. Ever.

"Music is a fascinating art form because the more you learn, the more you realise how little you understand. You think you can find formulas and patterns but the life, vibrancy and colour in music comes from those moments where the formulas are subverted. Those moments are utterly opaque to reason or logic. Those are the moments that I love more than anything else in the universe. Music is an artform that somehow looks mathematical but is really magic."